Why You Should Have Your Home Locks Changed Out By A Residential Locksmith

If you have a lock, or several locks, that need to be changed at your house, you will want to make sure that you are getting connected with a professional residential locksmith that can do the job for you. Sure, you could try your hand at doing it on your own, but you might prefer the work that the skilled locksmith will do, and here is why: Not All Locks Are Easily Changed

3 Reasons To Install Panic Bar Exit Devices In Your Commercial Building

Installing panic bar exit devices in your commercial building is something that you may need to do if you haven't already. Even though it might not seem like an emergency, it's important in many commercial buildings for these three reasons and more.  1. Restrict Use of Certain Doors With a panic bar exit device installed on a door, you will discourage people from using that door unless there is an emergency.

Ways That Smart Locks Can Benefit Your Home

Smart locks can be a major upgrade over traditional locks. Yet, homeowners will fail to appreciate the full benefits that may come from spending the time and money upgrading to smart locks. Access Logs Being able to review all of the instances where someone entered your door can be invaluable information. Smart locks will be able to provide you with this information as they can record the time and access code used to release the lock.

How To Avoid Being Locked Out From Your Vehicle

Being locked out of your car is never a fun experience. If it happens when you're away from home, you'll spend time waiting for a locksmith to meet you in a parking lot, and then hope that they can get into your car without causing any damage. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can prevent an auto lockout from happening to you. Give A Friend Your Extra Key Having an extra car key at home is not going to do you any good since your car keys most likely contain your house keys as well.

What Is Your Lockout Plan?

Who hasn't experienced this? You come back home, you reach out for your house key, but you somehow cannot find it. Unfortunately, you have no spare key, so you have to be locked out of your house for hours! What do you do in such a case? Better still, how do you prevent a repeat of such a scenario? You need a lock out plan. Here are a few options.