Growing Business? 3 Ways Your Security Needs Have Changed

Has your small business grown? If so, it may be time to update your locks and access control — even if these still function adequately. Why go to the trouble of making adjustments when nothing is broken? Consider three ways your growing business has new security needs. 

1. What You Protect Has Changed

Changing business operations bring different security needs. For instance, if you've increased the online element of your services or sales, you may now have a larger computer network, more equipment, and more expensive technology. And you might store more customer data in your own systems. All this means that your computer servers may require better protection now and that you have new tech to secure. 

If your locks and access control measures were based on what was housed or done in various parts of the business in years past, it may not reflect what actually needs to be protected now. 

2. Where You Need Protection Has Changed 

How different is your company's physical site compared to what it looked like in the past? Have offices changed, been added, or removed? Have you expanded production into larger or different areas? Do you have new equipment on your property? Do you conduct work at home now or in company vehicles more now?

The changes made to where you work and how you use your space may call for new lock designs. If you've expanded the accounting department into nearby offices, for example, you now need to protect this area as a confidential department — filled with cash, customer information, and credit card data — rather than as just another office space. 

3. How You Can Protect Things Has Changed

Modern security technology gives you new options you didn't have in the past. Smart locks offer the ability to change codes whenever you want, to know who is coming or going, and to restrict access to certain times or days. Even the standard door lock has been made more secure than old models.  And many locking systems can integrate with other security features, such as cameras or motion sensors. 

If you're still using old technology — even what was once considered 'state of the art' — you aren't getting the best protection. And without learning about improvements, you may not even know what benefits you're missing out on. 

No matter what has changed over time — within your company and in the security industry — taking the time to assess your locks today is a smart business move. Want to know more? Reach out to a company like Dixie Safe & Lock.