3 Top Services Residential Locksmiths Offer

Your home security is important. So, when you lose your keys, damage your locks, or get your keys duplicated, you might be vulnerable to unwanted guests or burglars. Instead of putting yourself in such a position, contact a residential locksmith to help you with things like rekeying, lock replacement, security upgrades, and more.

Here are three main services that a residential locksmith provides.

Lock Installation or Upgrades

If you've recently moved into a new home with outdated security, installing or upgrading to modern security systems is important. New locks add security and enhance the appeal of your home. Here are some reasons to upgrade your locks or get new ones:

  • You gave your old keys to someone who lost them or failed to return them
  • You have old and damaged locks due to the normal wear and tear
  • You don't have a spare key after you lose your keys
  • Your home was recently broken into

Remember that home security measures are changing fast. Aside from the old key system, you can have modern keyless locks for your home. Keyless systems add an extra security layer because they work seamlessly with your cameras and alarm systems. So make sure you consult with your residential locksmith to understand what your options are.

Emergency Services

The art of locksmithing goes back over 4000 years, and even today, most people don't know how locks work. That said, accidents do still happen. You might lock yourself out of your house or car, and this is where locksmith professionals come in handy. 

Avoid using brute force to get back into your house or car. Breaking down your door or lock may end up costing more than a quick call to your trusted residential locksmith. Locksmith services also save you time and stress that comes with losing your key or moving into a new home –– especially where you can't know who has access to your locks.

Rekeying or Key Cutting

A rekey or lock changing service comes in handy if you have lost your keys. Rekeying is also preferable because it's cheaper than replacing the whole lock.

Apart from rekeying, you can also get key cutting services from a residential locksmith. If you need an extra key for your family or friend, you can get a copy from your locksmith. 

Remember that when you want your locks replaced or keys cut, you can also ask your locksmith to install a peephole. Peepholes add an extra layer of security because you know who you're letting into your home before you open the door.