3 Reasons To Install Panic Bar Exit Devices In Your Commercial Building

Installing panic bar exit devices in your commercial building is something that you may need to do if you haven't already. Even though it might not seem like an emergency, it's important in many commercial buildings for these three reasons and more. 

1. Restrict Use of Certain Doors

With a panic bar exit device installed on a door, you will discourage people from using that door unless there is an emergency. In some cases, this might be a good idea. For example, if you operate a business in which customers have to pay an entrance fee or have their IDs checked when entering the building, you probably want to minimize the number of entrances that are available so that you can keep an eye on who is coming in without having too many employees on-shift at one time. Having panic bar exit devices on the doors that you don't want your customers to use in everyday situations will help with this.

2. Create More Emergency Exits

Even though you might not want your customers to use all of your building's doors on a regular basis, you obviously want them to have as many options for getting out of the building as possible if something goes wrong. By installing panic bar exit devices on the doors that aren't usually used by your customers and putting up "exit" signs around these doors, you can help make sure that your customers have plenty of options for evacuating your building if they need to. Many panic bar exit devices even include alarms, so if a customer needs to use it in an emergency, the others who are inside your building at the time of the emergency will also be notified that something is wrong so that they can evacuate quickly.

3. Abide by Local Building and Safety Codes

As someone who operates a business that the general public uses, it's important for you to keep safety in mind. Even though this might be something that you are focused on, not all business owners think about or are concerned about safety. Because of this, there are a lot of regulations out there that require business owners to make certain changes to their buildings so that they are as safe for customers as possible. In many areas, business owners are required to have panic bar exit devices and ample emergency exits, so installing them will help you remain compliant.