What Is Your Lockout Plan?

Who hasn't experienced this? You come back home, you reach out for your house key, but you somehow cannot find it. Unfortunately, you have no spare key, so you have to be locked out of your house for hours!

What do you do in such a case? Better still, how do you prevent a repeat of such a scenario? You need a lock out plan. Here are a few options.

How to Solve a Lockout

Alternative Entry

Look for other possible ways to gain access into your home, such as a back door or a window that you may have left open. If possible, crawl in through the window.

Use a Card

If you have a card similar to a credit card or an ATM card, try pushing it through the space between the door frame and the door. Try wiggling the door at the same time.

This technique may work for certain types of locks but not others. Do not use an actual ATM or credit card, as you may damage it.

Call the Landlord

If you are renting, call your landlord or concierge. They will most likely have a master key.

Call a Locksmith

This may be the fastest and only option remaining. Emergency locksmith services can also help you make a set of spare keys for next time.

How to Prevent a Lockout

Get a Spare key

The most obvious way to prevent future lockouts is to have a spare key. In case you do not have one, call your locksmith for assistance. More important than just having a spare key, is finding a safe place to keep it, outside the home.

You may choose to keep it with a trusted neighbor or with a friend, preferably one living in the same neighborhood.

You could also keep the key at a secret place in the garden. Make sure the place is really secret. Avoid keeping it under the doormat or in a flower pot. A garage with a code is a great place to keep your spare key.

Another alternative is to always carry a spare key on you. You could also leave it at your place of work.

Keyless Lock

A keyless lock will solve your problem once and for all as you will only need a code to access your home. Consult your locksmith to have one installed.

Locking yourself out of your home is inevitable. It is only a matter of time before it happens again. Take preventive measures now and save yourself from pain and loss of time and money.

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