Three Ways A Locksmith Can Make Your Business Handicap-Accessible

Businesses are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, to make their facilities accessible to those with mobility issues and other disabilities. Whether you are opening a new business or you simply want to ensure you are meeting those requirements, a commercial locksmith can provide the upgrades you need. Here are just a few ways a locksmith can help your business.

Automatic Entry Systems

Automatic entry systems allow those using wheelchairs or walkers to gain entrance into your building without having to physically open a heavy door. They typically consist of large buttons, which can be pushed to automatically open the doors. If your building has revolving doors, adding a traditional door with an automatic entry system can help to ensure you are giving everyone a way to access your business. Talk to your locksmith about installing a new door and entry system for your building.

Braille Keypads

If your business uses keypad entry systems for employees, it's a good idea to upgrade your keypad so it can be used by everyone in your building. That means using a keypad with braille numbering in addition to traditional Arabic numbers. This will give those with visual impairments a way to quickly enter their pass codes each day. You may also want to rethink the positioning of the keypad on the wall so individuals who use wheelchairs can easily reach the buttons. You may also want to think about other places you can add braille to your building, such as on signage next to emergency exits, elevator buttons, and office signage.

ADA-Compliant Door Handles

Traditional doorknobs can be difficult for some individuals to open, and they may not meet accessibility requirements. Have your locksmith switch out your door handsets for lever-style models, which can be operated even by people who don't have the ability to grasp a door handle. These handles require only the ability to push down to open. You can partner these door handles with the automated entry systems mentioned above to create convenient options for both customers and employees with disabilities. Your commercial locksmith can also re-position the handsets so they are lower on your doors and more easily reached by persons in wheelchairs.

Have your commercial locksmith, such as from the The Locksmith House, inspect your building to see what other improvements you can make to be ADA-compliant, and work with your employees and customers to ensure your business is welcoming to people of all ability levels.