Implementing Hotel Locks And Security Policy

Hotel security can be challenging given how easy it can be for guests to enter and leave your property. The two most important forms of security are well-trained staff members and hotel locks. These must be implemented correctly to keep your guests safe.

The Importance Of Personnel

Never cut back on security for your hotel. While you may be looking for ways to cut corners, the costs of being responsible for a lawsuit because your guests were not safe from threats is not more expensive than the cost of hiring security personnel. Also, reducing security sends a message to other staff members that security is not your most important concern.

Selecting The Right Hotel Locks

The most important part of having great hotel security is to make sure that you are using locks that will not be easy to bypass. One of the best locks to use are Vingcard hotel locks. Using Radio Frequency Identification, the card can be waved in front of the lock to easily unlock it. If a hotel guest overstays, the key card can be deactivated so that the door will no longer work. Also, if a key card is lost, it is easy to have it replaced. There are many door lock styles that can be chosen so one can be selected that is elegant and that matches the style of your already existing doors. 

For the keycard locks to be effective though, the locks and doors need to be inspected to make sure that they are able to close all the way and lock properly. Locks can become defective and it may appear like the door is locked when pulling on the door will allow it to still open. When using traditional keys, this problem is avoided because the act of locking the door causes it to be more obvious that the door is completely locked. However, this might not be obvious when a guest is simply swiping a card in front of a door. Fortunately, if your hotel is well staffed, doors can be checked to make sure if they are closed and can be repaired if necessary.

Training Personnel

To make sure that your employees are effective at keeping your property safe, it is important to continuously train all of them on security rather than simply training those who work in security. Determine the procedures that you will want your employees to follow, provide the appropriate documentation to help your employees carry out these procedures and as a way to enforce policies.